About The Larson Grain Company

Larson Grain Company History
The story of Larson Grain Company began when two brothers, Carl and Rod Larson, founded the company in 1981.  The ideas for the business developed from needs that they had on their own farm.  Those ideas were all centered on customer service that they did not feel they were receiving from other area elevators.  With customer service being the focus of all initiatives, a solid business evolved.
The company has grown over the past 30+ years from its inception when it had a couple of employees with a few grain bins.  Today it is now a multi-team company with four different locations and over 40 employees.  Despite the growth, it is still privately held by a small group of area farmers. 
Below are the divisions along with a brief explanation of each:

  • AGRONOMY - A full service business that offers the following to its customers: corn and soybean seed, seed treatment, chemical, fertilizer, custom application (precision), crop scouting, and soil sampling (grid).
  • GRAIN – A full service business that buys, dries and sells grain including corn, soybeans, and wheat.
  • EDIBLE BEANS– A full service business that buys, cleans, and sells edible beans including Pintos, Black Turtles, Small Reds, Great Northerns, and Dark Red Kidneys.

Below are the locations along with which teams are at each one:

Although Larson Grain Company has different locations and teams, they share in one common goal and that is working with its customers to help them be successful.  The company is unique in that it is large enough to take care of every customer, but small enough to know each of their operations intimately.  This is one of the main advantages it has over its competitors.


Our Mission Statement

“Larson Grain Company is in the business of providing quality services of convenience and value resulting in profits for customers, employees, and owners.”

Core Values

Safe/Clean Workplace  
Work Ethic                     
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